TRANSFER Video to Digital and the quality will be retained for years to come.

Video is typically transferred to DVD in the standard compressed DVD format.

If raw video is desired, we can transfer it to hard drive or USB flash or upload to the Cloud in an uncompressed format such as MP4 or AVI.

Once the video has been digitized and a master created, it is quite economical to make additional copies. Digital copies are made without any loss of quality.

Cascade Media Conversion is your specialist in transferring video from vintage or even newer analogue to digital media in a more modern format. We have the equipment to capture and convert your old video as listed below.

  • VHS Tape

  • 8 mm

  • DV Tape

  • DV-CAM

  • DV-HD

  • Mini-DV

Video Editing

Once video has been captured, we have the capabilities to edit it, removing unwanted sections, adding menus, many other enhancements and generating a master disc.

Once a master file has been created, we can duplicate it.


Video Cassette image by

John Salvino