Cine to DVD Transfer

Cine film comes in many sizes! I only deal with Standard 8 or Super 8

Standard 8 cine film is one of the most common formats. It is 8 mm across and has the sprockets on the right-hand side spaced at 4 mm intervals, and they are in line with the edge of the frame. Typically, 50ft (about 15 metres) lasts about 4 minutes.

Super 8 is similar to 8 mm but the sprocket holes are slightly smaller, and they are in line with the centre of the frame. Typically, 50ft (about 15 metres) and lasts about 3.5 minutes.




How much cine have I got?

Ciné film is measured in feet and comes on various sizes of reels. The easiest way to measure your footage is measure the size of the reel:

The smallest reel holds 50 feet (About 15 metres) of ciné film, and is 3 inches (about 8 centimetres) across. Running time between 3-4 mins.
The next standard size is 200 feet (About 61 metres) and is 5 inches (about 13 centimetres) across. Running time 12-15 mins.

There are bigger reels but I only deal with a maximum of 5 inch reels. If your reels are larger than 5 inches contact Brett at VideoPoint he maybe able to help.

What is the quality like?
Digital formats are a totally different format to film. Film has varying amounts of grain which give it that “film look”. In transferring the ciné to digital the final quality is very good, however, it will never be as good as the original films due to limitations of the digital system. The convenience of having your ciné in a digital format far outweighs the slight loss of quality.

Please note:

  • Some ciné films we receive, are in a bad state due to its age and may need repairing. We will let you know what the damage is and ask what you would like us to do.
  • We will edit out any totally blank bits of your film but if you want any specific editing done you will have to supply us with very precise instructions. There will be an extra charge for this depending on the amount of work involved.
  • If you want the reels in a particular order, please remember to number the reels accordingly.
  • We will use the title on the film box or any that you would like to see on the opening Menu.
  • Your DVD will be in a plastic presentation case with the same title as the title on the Menu.