Hi my name is Kris, I’ve been converting video VHS tapes to DVD for family and friends now for a few years as a hobby, and decided to go into it full-time now that I have retired.

It all started out when a friend of a friend came to me recently asking if I’d have a look at a video she had, to see if there was anything on it. She’d found it in the loft, but as she didn’t have a video player any more she wasn’t sure if it was any good.

It turned out that it was the video of the wedding of a friend that happened over 30 years ago, she’d ‘borrowed it’ shortly after the wedding to look at, but life got in the way and it was ‘stored’ in the loft. As it happens, the friend’s wedding anniversary was coming up soon, so I suggested that a DVD of the wedding was made which would make a great gift to give to her friend thus returning her video.

I’m based in Mid Kent, so get in touch at cascademediaconversion@gmail.com or use the contact form.