Welcome to Cascade Media Conversion

Have you boxes of old forgotten videos and have got rid of your old Video Cassette Recorder/player! Have you boxes of old slides or photographs that you want to keep but just haven’t space?

Why not turn your Videos, photographs or slides to DIGITAL?

All those old VHS and 8 mm video tapes, photographs or slides stored away in boxes are deteriorating in quality day after day. Turn your Media to DIGITAL today by bringing them to us.

We can put these memories on DVD, USB, your hard drive, even upload to the cloud. Once you TRANSFER your media to Digital, the quality will be retained for years to come.

Video is typically transferred to DVD in the standard compressed DVD  format.


Photographs or slides are typically scanned or copied to jpeg format and then transferred to CD or DVD.

Other formats are available please ask for details.

Photo Credits

Video tapes by John Salvino

35 mm transperancies by Jason Leung 

Photo Prints by Igor Ovsyannykov